The first sales house of TV-like indoor channels in Ukrainian retail networks

Indoor Multimedia sales house introduces best TV practices in the fledging indoor video industry. We connect video screens in a specific aisle of a retail chain to create a TV-like channel with its own content and advertising broadcast schedule. Content and ad spots are uploaded and run via centralized automated system.

We call this approach “a TV in retail”. It helps Clients deliver their own stories and messages to their target audiences right by the product shelf. Campaign results show that Indoor Multimedia channels provide double-digit sales boost in comparison to similar outlets with no broadcast.

Today Indoor Multimedia operates three channels in two retail networks (grocery and household/beauty). For information on placement budget and campaign planning, please, contact us.

Indoor Multimedia has also developed its own innovative ad contact measurement system named IVA (Intelligent Video Analysis). Each screen will be equipped with a camera and microcomputer for public loitering detection. Right now, we fine-tune the system and get ready to launch its updated version.

IVA’s precision is confirmed by TNS audit. Tests reveal that IVA’s picky algorithm calculates 83.5 per cent of actual contacts. As we plan to shift to contact-based sales in the future, it means that Clients will get 16.5 per cent of actual audience as a bonus.

For Clients and Agencies

You cannot underestimate the importance of impact you message creates at the shopping location. Researches prove that over 50 per cent of FMCG consumers make purchasing decision right by the shelves. That is why companies are investing in POSM placement.

Indoor Multimedia TV channels can replace any POSM in terms of consumer interaction. Besides, it can be helpful in communicating both rational special offers and emotional aspects of a brand. This works. The advertised brands experienced double-digit sales growth ranging from 16 to 78 per cent in Silpo and Watsons networks.

For Retail Networks

Indoor Multimedia possesses a comprehensive experience in advertising and media businesses. That is why we know what your Clients want to get from the instore advertising. The most important things for them are targeting (capability to aim communication at a specific target audience) and measurement of results. We can deliver both. Cooperation with Indoor Multimedia will help you increase earnings from the existing indoor video system or create new channels.